Improve your results by analysing and using the right data

Do you sometimes ask yourself how you can realize the same results in less time? Or how you can improve your performance compared to the previous year? Would you like to know what you need to change in order to improve your KPIs? Are you interested in finding out what Big Data, the Internet-of-Things, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence can do for you?

Cebiq’s consultants will be more than happy to assist you with all the above. We will analyse the data generated by your own processes and activities to further improve the performance of your organization. Our analyses will pinpoint potential opportunities for operational improvement. That is what drives us and keeps us going!

Make the transition from measuring to knowing to excelling

You can call us data scientists, SAP experts, consultants or whatever you like, as long as we have the opportunity to dive into your organization in order to identify and access the treasure trove of meaningful information hidden within your own data files. We manage your SAP systems in order to identify and measure the performance indicators that are relevant to your organization. We analyse the data from your systems using sophisticated analytical tools such as Tableau, PowerBI, SQL, Microsoft Azure, Spotfire and Qlik. We then make sure that your data is presented to you in a visually meaningful form that you can easily understand. After all, that is the only way to make practical use of this information – to use it to manage your organization more effectively, to improve performance, and to anticipate relevant events in a timely fashion.

Do you have a meaningful and interesting project for Cebiq?

Perhaps you aim to reduce your CO2 footprint? Or maybe you wish to get your patients up and about again after as few operations as possible? Are you looking to minimise throughput time for providing your client with a mortgage? Or do you wish to make your study programmes more attractive for your international student population? Artificial intelligence tools may be able to help you serve the clients of your call centre more efficiently, but how do you go about it? Our dedicated staff will be more than happy to help you optimise your range of operational and functional processes (purchasing, production, sales, logistics, and warehousing etc.).