The best SAP consultants for your data reports

Are you looking for updated and transparent reports on the performance of your business and a reliable and dedicated partner who can provide these to you?

Then the SAP consultants at Cebiq have the necessary expertise and experience that you are looking for. We start by making a thorough analysis of your business situation, your wishes and your possibilities.

We do so using software tools such as SAP BI, BW, BO and HANA in combination with effective analytical tools. Based on this analysis, we then provide you with reliable and transparent reports that can help your organization improve its results in the long term. Our hands-on and no-nonsense approach and our short and direct lines of communication ensure that you can quickly understand the essentials of our analyses and take the appropriate measures in a timely fashion.

SAP allows you to get the most out of your organization

Data results from every step of every process in your organization. This data can be transformed into a treasure trove of valuable information via appropriate analysis and visual presentation. The SAP consultants at Cebiq have a SAP ECC background and are specialised in the implementation, further development, and management of:

  • SAP BI (also customised)
  • SAP BO
  • SAP HANA (as database and as platform)
  • SAP BW
  • SAP Portal
  • SAP Integrated Planning
  • ABAP

By working with a reliable and professional SAP partner, structuring your organization in line with your specific needs, and managing it effectively, you can get the most out of your organization. Isn’t that what you want?!