ADAM quickly gives you insight into your KPIs without any additional IT intervention.

Would you like greater control of your operational drivers and other KPIs? Then ADAM is the perfect solution for you.

Cebiq’s in-house team developed ADAM as a valuable addition to the SAP BW system (from version 7.0 onwards). Via ADAM, authorized users can enter master data and transaction information themselves and make changes and additions (also via Excel), after which a simple mouse click suffices to generate a clear report. Your advantage? ADAM actually provides you with savings of at least 20% in terms of time and costs and also greatly frees up your IT department for other tasks.

Read the FAQ about ADAM below.

FAQ – General Functionality

What is the difference between ADAM and SAP BW Integrated Planning?

The basic functionality of ADAM provides a quick and centralised solution for adding and modifying master data. This applies to new as well as existing data. SAP BW‐IP cannot process master data.

ADAM costs for model?

An initial fee is charged for installation of the software, depending upon the system landscape. In addition, there is an annual fee depending upon the support model chosen and the number of applications used within ADAM.

What about training and instruction?

Training and instruction are included as a standard part of the ADAM installation process. The ‘key user’ involved is trained in the creation and maintenance of an ADAM application, and this includes the first ADAM application for transaction data as well as master data. The relevant documentation is also provided.

What about support?

Cebiq has its own help desk and support department. Depending on the need of the customer, an SLA support model is agreed and the customer is connected to this help desk.

FAQ – Technical

Which SAP BW versions are compatible?

ADAM is available starting from SAP BW version 7.0 and uses the ‘ABAP-stack’ as default. The ‘Java-stack’ is recommended for an improved interface for the end user when adding or modifying data. ADAM follows the SAP support release strategy.

Installation of ADAM

ADAM is installed as an ‘Add-On’ in the SAP BW system by Cebiq ‘On Site’ in a maximum of three days. ADAM is then rolled out further in the relevant OTAP BW landscape via the transport mechanism.

Which standard SAP technology is used?

The ADAM core is based on SAP Personal Object Work List (POWL). The application layer of ADAM is based on ABAP code, and Webdynpro as used for the User Interface.

Customising ADAM?

With the ADAM Wizard, you can set up and configure the standard functionality of ADAM. A so-called ADAM Application Model can be created in order to add extra business logic or functionality.