Are you benefiting from all the opportunities offered by Big Data and SAP?

Are you benefiting from all the opportunities offered by Big Data and SAP?

The implementation of your operational processes leads to the creation of data. This data, often referred to as big data, in combination with blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI), creates new opportunities for you. When measured and interpreted effectively, this data can provide you with important insights that you can use to improve the performance of your organization.

Cebiq is specialised in helping you to unlock the potential value of this information. We ensure that your processes are measurable and analyse them, providing you with clear and insightful reports so that you can take the right decisions at the right time. To do so, we make use of insights from data science as well as practical software tools such as SAP BW / BO and SAP HANA. The end result is that you always have the most relevant and updated information available in order to implement the most efficient and effective operational processes.

Cebiq helps you get the most out of your organization. With the help of insights from data science, software such as SAP BW, BI, BO and HANA, and advanced analytical tools, you and your company will achieve better result. Make the transition from simply measuring and knowing to actually excelling.


Proactive, involved, and expert in SAP and data analysis

Are you looking for commitment and expertise when it comes to business intelligence, process improvement, and data analysis? The consultants at Cebiq take a proactive approach in helping you to achieve your business goals.

We believe in shouldering responsibility, mutual respect, and open and honest communication. Our thorough knowledge of and years of experience in data analysis, data correlation, and predictive analytics enable us to provide you with expert support in managing your SAP Business Intelligence, SAP Business Warehouse, SAP Business Objects, and SAP HANA.


The best SAP consultants for your data reports

Are you looking for updated and transparent reports on the performance of your business and a reliable and dedicated partner who can provide these to you? Then the SAP consultants at Cebiq have the necessary expertise and experience that you are looking for.

We start by making a thorough analysis of your business situation, your wishes and your possibilities. We do so using software tools such as SAP BI, BW, BO and HANA in combination with effective analytical tools. Based on this analysis, we then provide you with reliable and transparent reports that can help your organization improve its results in the long term.


ADAM gives you insight into your KPIs as an addition to SAP BW

Would you like greater control of your operational drivers and other KPIs? Then ADAM is the perfect solution for you. Cebiq’s in-house team developed ADAM as a valuable addition to the SAP BW system (from version 7.0 onwards).

Via ADAM, authorized users can enter master data and transaction information themselves and make changes and additions (also via Excel), after which a simple mouse click suffices to generate a clear report. Your advantage? ADAM actually provides you with savings of at least 20% in terms of time and costs and also greatly frees up your IT department for other tasks.


Improve your results by analysing and using the right data.

Do you sometimes ask yourself how you can realize the same results in less time? Or how you can improve your performance compared to the previous year? Would you like to know what you need to change in order to improve your KPIs? Are you interested in finding out what Big Data, the Internet-of-Things, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence can do for you?

Cebiq’s consultants will be more than happy to assist you with all the above. We will analyse the data generated by your own processes and activities to further improve the performance of your organization. Our analyses will pinpoint potential opportunities for operational improvement. That is what drives us and keeps us going!


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